Meta- A prefix used to indicate a concept which comes after, beyond, or is an abstraction of another concept
Monastery A building or complex of buildings comprising the domestic quarters and workplaces of monastics
Metamodernism A contemporary philosophy, cultural phase and developmental stage
Metamonastery A reinvention of the monastery inspired by metamodern thought



Monday – Friday, weekends free.

7am Meditation
8am Yoga
9am Breakfast
9.30am The Morning Meeting
10am – 1pm The Morning
1pm Lunch
2pm – 7pm The Afternoon
7pm Dinner
8pm – 11pm The Evening
11pm Lights out, noble silence until 8am


Communal meals (vegetarian, low dairy, low sugar), with preparation shared according to a rota. Alcohol, tobacco and coffee in ceremony only.

Three tiers

Residents Donate monthly (suggested £450/month), minimum stay 3 months
Explorers Donate weekly (suggested £150/week), minimum stay 1 month
Guests Donate daily (suggested £30/day), usual minimum stay 1 week

Basic financial model

Figures are monthly. Proposed course fees: Weekend ~ £200 (+£60 Guest contribution), Week ~ £500 (+£150 Explorer contribution). Up to 50% of course fee to course leader.


10 residents 10 × £450 = £4.5k
5 explorers 5 × £150 × 4⅓ ≈ £3k
Week-long course with 20 people 20 × (£250 + £150) = £8k
Weekend-long course with 20 people 20 × (£100 + £60) = £3.2k
Total monthly revenue £18.7k


Rent/mortgage (property value ~£2m) £10k
Bills £5k
2 administrators @ £1k/month £2k
Total monthly costs £17k

Required capacity: 10 residents + 5 explorers + 5 guests + 20 course participants = 40 people

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