Meta- A prefix used to indicate a concept which comes after, beyond, or is an abstraction of another concept
Monastery A building or complex of buildings comprising the domestic quarters and workplaces of monastics
Metamodernism A contemporary philosophy, cultural phase and developmental stage
Metamonastery A reinvention of the monastery inspired by metamodern thought

An experiment

The Metamonastery concept will be explored for an initial period of one year in a rented property. The rent and bills on the property will have already been paid.


Example venues


Monday – Friday, weekends free.

7am Meditation
8am Yoga
9am Breakfast
9.30am The Morning Meeting
10am – 1pm The Morning
1pm Lunch
2pm – 7pm The Afternoon
7pm Dinner
8pm – 11pm The Evening
11pm Lights out, noble silence until 8am


Communal meals (vegetarian, low dairy, low sugar), with preparation shared according to a rota. Alcohol, tobacco and coffee in ceremony only.

Three tiers

Residents Donate monthly (suggested £450/month), minimum stay 3 months
Explorers Donate weekly (suggested £150/week), minimum stay 1 month
Guests Donate daily (suggested £30/day), usual minimum stay 1 week

For those invited to stay at the Metamonastery, donations will indeed be suggested and not compulsory. The emphasis will be placed on gathering together the right group of people, rather than raising a certain amount of money (though if the project is to continue beyond its first year, it will need to be financially sustainable).

Prospective course leaders

Some of the brilliant people that have expressed an interest in teaching at Metamonastery:

Daniel Görtz

Emil Ejner Friis

Gaia Ma
Founder, Inanitah

Jules Evans

Peter Russell

Mikey Matania
Meditation Teacher

Jennifer Tessler
Meditation Teacher

Anthony Dunkley
Alchemy of Breath

Camille Barton
Movement Artist

Alana Bloom
Performer, Artist, Aerialist

Meri Karhu

Daniel Hernandez
Divine Ridiculous

Stephen Reid

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